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Q3L-SIM 2 (Sensor Interface Module)


  • Keep track of room pressure in pressure sensitive environment.
  • Send data to monitoring server over WI-FI.
  • Generate reports based on pressure history data.
  • Pressure ranges from -999 to +999 pascals.
  • Audible alarm for over and under pressure alert.
  • Alarm, sensitivity and buzzer tone are configurable.
  • Requires 5V, 500 mA power supply.


  • Pharmaceutical stores, hospitals and production departments for detection of positive and negative air pressure in air-pressure sensitive areas.
  • Can be utilized to monitor the ratio of fluid to gas within a pressurized tank.
  • Useful in weather instrumentation, aircraft, automobiles, and any other machinery that has pressure functionality implemented.
Q3L SIM 2 (Sensor Interface Module)