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Q3L-SIM 1 (Sensor Interface Module)


  • Measure temperature and humidity and send it to server over WI-FI
  • Generate reports based on temperature and humidity history data
  • Internal memory card to stores data if server is not available
  • Requires 5V, 500 mA power supply.


  • Pharmaceutical stores and department for detection of environment temperature and humidity to preserve medicine.
  • Useful in automotive industry and climate control.
  • Useful in any closed room where temperature maintenance is necessary.

Currently following sensor can be connected to Sensor Interface Module

Through temperature sensor, user can accurately monitor Temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit. For extremely high temperature measurement we have Thermocouple sensors as well as digital sensors for monitoring sub-zero temperatures. Frequency of readings can be customized. Extended probe temperature sensors are also available on request.
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Through Humidity Sensor user can monitor Relative Humidity in given scenario. Different models carter to different field requirements. Sensor enables user to monitor relative humidity within a room or enclosure.
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SIM 1 (Sensor Interface Module)