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An engineering firm with technical partners around the world. Our current focus is on industrial automation and Building Management Solutions; we have successfully in deployed our BMS as well as Integrated Data Logging systems in Pharma, Poultry and various other industries.

We provide customized industrial automation solutions. We specialize in providing low cost, process automation and control solutions. You can contact us to obtain custom industrial automation solutions, to suit your requirements.

We are based in Delaware, USA, and we are actively looking for implementation specialists around the globe. Feel free to contact us if you would like to enter into a strategic partnership with us. To ensure swift response to customers, we have setup local offices in other countries.

  • We provide stand-alone hardware solutions
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We had a very custom requirement of maintaining cables in de-gassing rooms for certain number of days, at specific temperatures during a cycle of 20-30 days. We also needed to show the number of days left for each set of cables in each degassing room – on a large display. Q3Logics provided us exactly what we wanted! They customized their BMS system and made sure that our requirements were met appropriately. The system now saves us a lot of time & money, as we can set an exact schedule for each degassing room, and know occupancy of degassing rooms based on schedules. Thank you Q3Logics for your excellent solution!

Bernard Rodriguez

Cable Factory

At our pharma factory, our BMS system provider cancelled their annual maintenance contract, as they no longer had the local agency of the BMS solution provider. We were left with no other choice than to replace our whole HVAC system, that still had a balance useful life of 8 years. This was a huge waste of money – specially in this time of economic recession. Q3Logics provided us with a customized BMS solution that would integrate with our existing HVAC infrastructure, AND provide us a highly customized reporting, with profile based email and SMS alerts! This was an amazing alternative that our management simply loved! We now not only have an excellent BMS system from Q3Logics, but the local partner of Q3Logics also maintained parts of our existing HVAC infrastructure!

Aiman Diaz

Middle East’s Largest Pharmaceutical Products Manufacturer

At our Medical Equipment Storage Facility, the local legal legislation required us to have a study of thermally sensitive points in the facility (thermal mapping), and then provide a state of the art temperature logging solution, with custom alerts to ensure that appropriate environment is maintained for the sensitive equipment at the storage facility. We were under immense pressure to comply with the legislation before the next inspection from the local FDA – and Q3Logics provided us a solution before the deadline.

Ishtiaq Arain

Advanced Medical Equipment Supplier

Eggs at our poultry farm’s hatchery were given a highly controlled environment in terms of specific humidity & temperature levels to give the best hatch. Since we were in business since 1980s, the European vendor that installed our hatcheries had provided us manually adjustable environmental control components that had to be set every day of the hatching cycle to match the sensitive requirements of un-hatched eggs. This costed us a lot of labor cost, to operate on 24/7 basis. The egg to chick conversion ratio was around 70% - which meant 30% of our eggs never hatched and ended up wasted. Q3Logics implemented a state of the art BMS system and integrated it with our hatcheries’ HVAC and other environmental control equipment, including egg rollers, heaters, humidifiers, de-humidifiers, water pumps, incubators, and various other sensing and controlling equipment. Digitalizing the whole system improved accuracy of the environmental variables being controlled and monitored. A web based reporting dash board provides instant status updates regarding the different areas and incubators of our hatchery. The environmental program was fed in the BMS system, which ensured that there was no manual intervention to ensure perfect environmental variables maintenance. The project was a major overhaul of our hatchery and required a lot of man-hours to set it up, but it was sure worth it! We now have a 15% increase in our production – i.e. out of each 100 eggs placed in the incubators, we get 85 chicks out in 28 days! That has been a huge success story in our company – and has made a significant contribution to our bottom line.

Saeed Akhtar

Hatchery Manager of a Poultry Farm

At our high voltage cable manufacturing facility, the Quality Control department wanted to measure the temperature of the electrified cable, during manufacturing and rolling. We tried various vendors, including certain very well-known brand names in the field of industrial variables monitoring, but couldn’t get a satisfactory solution. Q3Logics had already supplied other parts of our factory with a BMS solution and had a success story at our factory. We presented the problem to their local partner, and they customized their Integrated Data Logging System (iDLS) adding infra-red sensors to take temperature readings of the moving and electrified cable. The infra-red sensors were installed at a small distance from the rolling cable, and thus no friction was generated between the sensors and the cable, and an accurate temperature reading finally become possible – after 35 years of being in business!

Tyrone Tuazon

Assistant General Manager – at one of Asia’s largest high & medium voltage cable manufacturing factory.

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Q3Logics envisions playing its role as a top market player to create a hi-tech world, by creating ingenious solutions that empower the majority, to live in a respectable socio-politico-economic environment.

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'Excellence in everything we do' is our motto. We run the extra mile to ensure our products and services are not only better than industry, but also acheive the high quality standards that we have set for ourselves.


In the small and connected modern world, Q3Logics aims to acquire its inputs from the most environmentally friendly sources. We beleive in a greener world, with more resources for our future generations than available to us today.


Q3Logics is a team of innovative creators. We believe in the power of our celebrated team's talent, and aim to create wonderful automation solutions through best combination of modern hardware and software. We believe in developing excellent talent by identifying and continuously adding dynamic team players to our team, who believe in attaining new heights of excellence everyday. We encourage creativity and self development of all our team players by keeping a time allowance for research and self learning, in all our projects. At Q3Logics, value creation for customers comes as a natural goal. We take into consideration the unique requirements of individual customers and mold our solutions to ensure customer satisfaction at its best.


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